Jummikplus Agent: Everything You Need To Know About Jummikplus Agent

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Understanding Jummikplus Global Services Agent


The Job Title “Agent” is a very popular Job Title in almost every part of the world including Nigeria. There are different Organizations who uses Agents to serve their Clients or Customers in Nigeria and Jummikplus Global Services is one of them. The Agents of Jummikplus Global Services are some of the significant employee team at the Agency.

If you are new to Jummikplus Global Services, Jummikplus Global Services is a Nigeria’s Resources Management Agency who’s mandate is enabling people to achieve their legitimate desired Goal, Mission and Vision or solving their Problem. For More Information about Jummikplus Global Services, Click Here

Who is a Jummikplus Agent?

A Jummikplus Agent also known as Jummikplus Global Services Agent is an individual who has been authorized and empowered to act or attend to the Client of Jummikplus Global Services on behalf of the Agency for the main purpose of piloting or coordinating the affairs of the Agency in their respective locations.

A probational Agent at Jummikplus Global Services is like a Secretary or a Receptionist of an Organization. But there is a little twist in their line of work. Jummikplus Agents have more influence than the both of them combined.

Type Of Jummikplus Agent

There are two types of Agent At Jummikplus Global Services.

  1. The probational Agent
  2. The permanent Agent
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The probational Agent

A probational Agent At Jummikplus Global Services is a newly recruited Agent.

As A probational Agent, you do the same Job as the permanent Agent. However, Jummikplus Global Services do not have full trust in your potential hence you will be on probation for proper monitoring.

Once the organization develop enough trust for you, you will become a permanent Agent

The permanent Agent

A permanent Agent At Jummikplus Global Services is an Agent who have fully served the official probational period

As A permanent Agent, you continues your job the same way you have been doing when you were on probation. At this stage, Jummikplus Global Services would have However developed full trust in your potential giving you every thing you need to make your Job worthwhile

Responsibilities Of A Jummikplus Agent

As a Jummikplus Global Services, Agent, Your Job includes but not limited to the following:

  • Sensitizing people about the Service(s) of the Organization.
  • Explaining how the Organization services works to clients and potential clients.
  • Responding to complains and inquiries of clients and potential clients.
  • Guiding clients and potential clients concerning our Services or Products. Enrolling Clients in our Services & Programs.
  • Approving & Declining of Clients demands. Handling any other official responsibility been entrusted to them

As an Agent at Jummikplus Global Services, you reserve the right to accept or decline to serve except in situations where the organization have a peculiar target,

Why Jummikplus Global Services Uses Agents

Why Jummikplus Global Services make use of Agents is to simplify and ease people’s access to the services that the Agency is rendering. Apart from Bank Agents, Jummikplus Global Services is one of the few Agency or organization with the intention of recruiting massive people for her Agent role.

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Jummikplus Global Services is operating a “Distributed Organization” model rendering services that requires a Traditional office environment in a Nation where Distributional Organization model is not widely practiced. At such, there are needs for Point Of Administrative Contacts.

Furthermore, Agencies that render the type of Services that Jummikplus Global Services renders will command a lot of attention leading to overpopulation of people in office environments. The usage of an Agents serves as a a system for the Agency to curtail this situation

Jummikplus Global Services main mantra is to bring services to people’s Door Steps. Further more, every body wants whatever they are paying for to be at their fingertips. There is no better way to deliver this mantra and making peoples Desirables to become available more than this at the moment.

Office Of Jummikplus Agent.

Just as we discussed above there are two types of Agent, that is how there are two types of Agent’s Office. The permanent Agent have a specially organized Office or a specially built Agent point of Service (just like that of Mobile Network providers merchants) but As a probational Agent, you don’t have a specially built Agent point of Service. However, the Agency will join you in creating a point of contact for you at your choice location.

You will operate in your Agency point of contact temporarily pending your permanence when the Agency will build you a Special point of Service (just like that of Mobile Network providers merchants)

Salary Of Jummikplus Agent

A new permanent Agent At Jummikplus Global Services earns about N120,000 (One Hundred & Twenty Thousand Naira) monthly flat as at the time of this writing. But the probational Agent earns differently.

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As a probational Agent At Jummikplus Global Services, your earning depends on how many clients you attend to through out your monthly working circle until your permanence by Jummikplus Global Services.

Bottom line

An Agent is one of the most busiest probational or permanent employee of Jummikplus Global Services.

The probational Agent can become as busy as they can handle but for the permanent Agents, that’s a different Ball game. They are more busier because they have no choice as they have to handle any responsibility been saddled on their shoulder. But it is from the probational stage that they learns all the acts.

As a probational Agent, your success and the success of the Agency and Probational employees of the Agency lies in the hands of Client Relation Officers.

As a probational Agent, Jummikplus Global Services wants you to see the Agency as your own personal Agency and responsibility. She wants you to see yourself as a Shareholder & a Partner who would do anything within his or her power to prioritise his or her official responsibilities in other to make the Agency serve her existencial intent in your location.

Jummikplus Global Services is still accepting Agents Applications as at the time of this Publication. Should you are interested in becoming a Jummikplus Agent, Click Here to apply

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