The Effects Affecting Your Unemployment And How To Quickly Get A Job

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You are not supposed to be Unemployed or Underemployed. However, this had became your reality.

Your Unemployment or Underemployment is not due to your country or the Government just as many people are made to believe. There is No Government of any Country can employ all Her Citizen

You are free discredit what I’m saying but before that, think about this for a minute.

There are people in the same country with you under the same Government as you who are employed. If it were the Country or the Government that affected you, it would have affected them too.

Their High value Employment over your own Unemployment or Underemployment means: they have something that you do not have. It’s either they had information you never had, the Connection you never had, or the ability among other things you never had

I promised to share Seven major effects affecting your Unemployment or Underemployment in Nigeria with you but I’m going make it Eight. This is called “Over delivery”

Those effects are:

  1. Insufficient Entrepreneurs.
  2. Insufficient Organizations
  3. Insufficient Education
  4. Lack of Career pursuit
  5. Lack of Employment Information
  6. Lack of Self-positioning
  7. Lack the required Connection
  8. Your mindset towards Job (Bonus)

  1. Insufficient Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for Job creations. These are people who have visions that turns their Visions into Organizations.

Few Entrepreneurs amount to few Organizations and few Organizations amounts to few Jobs

  1. Insufficient Organizations

This is in line with the fact above. Although Few Entrepreneurs can amount to many Organizations but it is only in Situations when the few Entrepreneurs have many visions but that’s not the case here

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  1. Insufficient Education

Most of the Nigerian Job seekers are not sufficiently educated for some of the Job are vying for. I’ve been at the front desk of recruitment and trust me, a lot of Nigerian Job seekers are not Employable.

A sufficiently educated person who couldn’t get hired by an Organization will pursue a Career in line with his or her Educational Discipline.

  1. Lack of Career pursuit

Most Nigerians in the Job market are only interested in the already made Job.

The primary aim of a Job is create a source of livelihood. Pursuing and Practicing in a career will bring the same results. But my fellow Nigerians always want to the easiest way

  1. Lack of Employment Information

There are Vacant Jobs right now as you are reading this Post. But you are not aware because you are not informed.

Since you not informed, how can you even apply for the Jobs

  1. Lack of Self-positioning

If you are a valuable Employee, there are Employers looking for you right now but you are not well positioned at the point where you can be seen to enable them offer you the Job.

Getting a Job doesn’t mean you should always apply. You can get a Job without applying for a Job. This is why Offer Letter exists

  1. Lack the required Connection

It takes connection to get some Jobs. This is not a Nigerian thing. It is a worldwide thing.

Haven’t you heard?

If you must get in, you must fit in and if you don’t fit in, you can’t get in. Fitting-in in this guise means getting the right connection

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  1. Your mindset towards Job (Bonus)

There are 3 main Mindsets that Nigerians hold on to when looking for a Job

  1. The Company Name
  2. The Job position
  3. The Amount paid

These are wrong criteria to use in looking for a Job. I’m not saying it’s to aim high. What I’m saying is that: “stop despising the days of little beginning”.

An Organization with less value today can become highly valuable tomorrow if they set their priorities right

A Messenger in a Company today can become Manager tomorrow if he or she acts right.

A Job or Company paying you 50k today can pay you 500k tomorrow.

There are other Secondary effects but these are the primary effects affecting your Unemployment or Underemployment in Nigeria.

Here is the catch!

You can land a Job of your Choice in less than 3 Months maybe not with the Company of your Choice but with the kind of pay you deserve

Should I show you How?

Here is the Thing!

The information on How To Get The Job of your choice with the Pay of your Choice is reserved for my Career Coaching Premium Clients. However, I will share it with you for free on demand either by showing Interest in the comment Box or by inboxing me indicating your Interest.

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